House Rules

Hello Roamer! Before you finalize your reservations with us, please read the house rules below to ensure a smooth stay. Your completed booking is confirmation that you agree to follow these rules.

Guest Expectations

Our guests on average have just 10 days of paid vacation per year, and we’re ecstatic  you chose to spend that precious time with us! Before you embark on a much-deserved  vacation, we wanted to highlight a few things that are expected of guests and what you  can expect from Roami.

What can you expect from us?

No running out to the store late at night--this is a fully equipped property that anticipates your needs. If we’re missing something essential, please let us know, and  we’ll take care of it!

We’re a genuine, responsive, no-nonsense team that understands and genuinely cares about our guests. We are physically on call from 8AM-8PM 7 days a week and have 24/7  Customer Phone Support for any late-night issues. We maintain all our appliances regularly, but we still can’t predict when a microwave is going to stop working  suddenly— just give us a call and we’ll be there as soon as we can.

Although we do not have a concierge department, you are always welcome to ask us  for suggestions!

What is expected of you?

Respect the neighborhood. Our homes and properties are located in residential  areas, and your neighbors are likely not on vacation. We ask that the noise be kept to a  minimum whether indoors or at the outside public areas of the property. Quiet hours are strictly enforced from 9PM - 8AM and we ask that you thoroughly read the “Noise”  section located on the next page for further clarification.

Treat the home as if it were your own--leave it in good condition. We understand that accidents happen and do not bill for minor damages, but we ask that you tell us so we can replace items in time for the next guest.

Check-in/out at the agreed times. We operate a business on a tight schedule, and a  new guest just like yourself is often arriving the same day you depart. Pool and lawn  maintenance are also on a set schedule and are needed to keep the property in great  condition. These services cannot be rescheduled.

We do not entertain combative guests who attempt to take advantage of us or disrespect  service industry employees. If you have a tendency to ask for discounts at hotels or restaurants, this may not be the property for you.


Check-in is anytime after 4PM. Check-out is anytime before 11AM. Please be advised  that if you do not check out by 11:00 AM on your scheduled departure date, you will be  charged a $500 fee.

Guests who do not abide by the Check-in or Check-out times or delay our housekeeping staff are liable for any associated costs. Please note that these times are strictly enforced and that arriving before 4PM or departing after 11AM without prior written approval is against our policies.

Booking Restrictions

Guests are not allowed to make a reservation in their city of residence. The Guest booking the reservation must also meet or exceed the age minimum outlined in the listing and be present throughout the duration of the reservation.


This is a 100% non-smoking property. Smoking is not permitted in the unit, including on balconies and in common areas. Guests are subject to a $1,500 fine plus the cost to clean,  deodorize, and repair damages if there is any evidence of smoking inside the unit. Some properties are equipped with tobacco and marijuana sensing devices.


Firearms are NOT allowed under any circumstances. Legal actions will be pursued.


You are advised to keep in mind that this property is located in a quiet, private  neighborhood. Please respect our neighbors. Anyone found to be violating noise  ordinances will be subject to an initial $1,000 fine and a possible eviction in egregious  circumstances. Guests will not be given any refund for issues related to noise ordinance  violations. Possible violations include, but are not limited to, using unauthorized  amplification devices, a general lack of decorum, screaming and yelling, excessive  vehicular noise, and over occupying the rental property with unauthorized guests.

Non-recording noise-detecting technology may be used inside the property to monitor  excessive noise levels. Noise levels must be kept strictly under 50 dBA at all times. Guests must be mindful of their noise levels at all times, Quiet hours are strictly enforced from  9PM-8AM. In the event that noise complaints are issued, the property will be subject to inspection upon reasonable notice to the guest, which includes knocking on the door or ringing the doorbell before entry. The guest understands that this may occur anytime during the guest’s stay if there is noise or reasonable suspicion of a party or any other violation of the house rules, neighborhood rules, or city ordinance.

Additional Guest Charge

Our accommodations are designed to offer a delightful experience for every guest. Each lodging type comes with a standard occupancy, ensuring optimal comfort and service. To maintain our high standards for toiletries, laundry, and other essential services, an additional guest fee, outlined in the table below, applies.

This thoughtful approach guarantees that every guest, regardless of group size, receives the attention and amenities they deserve. It not only covers the increased wear and tear, potential incidental damage, but also ensures meticulous cleaning, making the pricing fair and tailored to the unique needs of each stay. We believe in providing an exceptional experience for every guest, and this additional guest fee helps us achieve just that.

Roami Additional Guest Fee

Unauthorized Guests

Any guest that is not on the reservation, whether overnight or temporary visitors, are  strictly prohibited and are considered an Unauthorized Guest. No guests other than  those on the reservation are allowed on the property, including in the unit and common  areas. Having Unauthorized Guests is a breach of the contract, even if the total number  of guests is below the maximum occupancy. All guests are the sole responsibility of the  renter. Events, parties, and gatherings of any kind are strictly prohibited and will result  in a $1,000 fine and immediate eviction without refund.

Miami Pet Policy

Pets are always welcomed guests unless stated otherwise on the listing. Up to three pets  are allowed in each guest room per stay. To ensure that rooms stay fresh and clean, we  will ask for a $150 non-refundable cleaning fee for the first pet, $250 for the second pet,  and $350 for the third pet. Please contact us for breed restrictions. Please be advised that excessive barking is considered a violation of noise ordinances and can be subject to  fines listed under the “Noise” section of this Rental Agreement.

New Orleans Pet Policy

Pets are always welcomed guests unless stated otherwise on the listing. Up to two pets  are allowed in each guest room per stay. To ensure that rooms stay fresh and clean, we  will ask for a $150 non-refundable cleaning fee for the first pet and an additional $250 for 2 pets.

Note that The Luzianne building does not allow pets. Please contact us if you have any questions about our Property Pet Policy.


Guests are responsible for covering the cost to replace lost keys, key cards, fobs, or  parking passes. Guests take full responsibility for damages, injury, or loss that occur on  the premises and its facilities. Guests must report any property damage to customer  service. Unreported damages will be deducted from the security deposit.


Roami properties may use video surveillance in public areas and the exterior entrances  and exits of the home. Surveillance is recorded but not monitored.

Accepted Forms of Payment

For reservations directly paid to Roami, the name on the credit card must be the  name of the primary guest on the reservation. If any costs or damages, including but not limited to: extra cleaning fees, unauthorized pets, fines, or fees, are discovered during or within a reasonable amount of time after your stay, your credit card on file will be  charged for said amounts.

*Chime, Cash App, or any pre-paid debit cards are not accepted

Pools and Hot Tubs

For properties that contain pool and hot tubs only: Pools and hot tubs are chemically  serviced and cleaned regularly. Please do not tamper with the pool thermostat, as this  can severely damage the pool system; any damages will be charged directly to the guest.  If there is an issue with the pool temperature, please call our 24/7 Guest Services and we  will send a maintenance technician to assist with the issue. All of our pools and spas have been properly cleaned in advance of your arrival. However, we sometimes experience strong, tropical winds that can cause debris from palm trees and other vegetation to fall into the pool. A pool net is provided for your convenience, and if requested, we will do  our best to contact a pool cleaner to return to the property.

Binding Agreement

Booking a reservation constitutes an agreement to comply with the House Rules. Guests  who violate these rules are liable for any associated damages, fees, costs, or expenses.  Upon any infraction of rules, Roami may, at its sole option, terminate all agreements  with you, including termination of occupancy immediately. In this event, you will forfeit  all monies, including security deposits.

Lost and Found

Please note that all shipping is at the traveler’s expense. There is a minimum $25 shipping cost. We are not liable for any lost items. Our team will do our best to locate your lost items after check-out. We do not allow any mail deliveries or packages during your stay.

Host Cancellation

If the property which is the subject of this agreement becomes unavailable for any reason,  a suitable substitute property shall be found, or all monies returned in full to the guest,  with no further liability opposed upon Management or the property owner. Roami will not be in breach of the terms of this agreement if the cancellation is beyond  reasonable control including but not limited to a change in ownership of the property,  damage or malfunction of equipment, disturbances on nearby properties, construction  in or adjacent to the property, labor disputes, governmental regulations or controls, fire  or other casualties, holdover tenants from a previous rental, inability to obtain materials  or services, technical failure or difficulties, problems or interruptions with the internet  or television, computer viruses, acts of god, insurrections, terrorism, or any other cause.

Property Unavailable Disclosure  

If, after this reservation is completed, and correspondence or discussions with the guest  disclose a change in circumstances involving the reservation of this property, Roami, has the right to refuse a reservation to the guest if the reservation is not conducive  to the welfare of the property. Such circumstances include but are not limited to an  event or party planned during the guest’s occupancy of the property, violations of the  occupancy limits, rules regarding pets, age limitations or the purpose of the rental. This  is not intended to be an all-inclusive list of circumstances which may cause a cancellation  of the reservation.

ALL GUESTS hereby acknowledge and agree to follow all house rules, neighborhood  rules, and city laws and ordinances.