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Roami is the future of urban group travel, offering cool spaces and accommodations meant to provide the most memorable experiences for modern Roamers.

Each of our spaces is purposefully designed to inspire connection and create a transformative vacation, where guests create memories that will stay with them long after they leave.

Founded in 2016, Roami was born from CEO Andreas King-Geovanis’ belief that travelers should not be forced to choose between two flawed options: cramped and expensive hotel rooms or inconsistent and unpredictable vacation rentals. By managing the entire building – not just a few floors or units – Roami provides a memorable stay without compromise.

Say hi to Romeo! He's our friendly fox, here to help our guests have the most fun possible!


Fastest Growing Company 2022: #3 in Travel & #443 Overall

Brandreth Canaley & Iskander Karimov, 2022

Best Urban Operator - Sextant Stays, Rising Star - Brandreth Canaley

Business of the Year 2021

40 Under 40, Andreas King-Geovanis

Fastest Growing Company 2021, 2022

Meet the Roami team

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Andreas King Geovanis

Co-founder, CEO

Brandreth Canaley


Iskander Karimov

Co-founder, CFO

Will Wolff

Head of Real Estate Partnerships

Tessa Svennungsen

Head of Finance

Glen Rigmaiden

Head of Talent and Culture

Doug Truitt

Head of Commercial

Ashley Banks

Director of Guest Experience

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