Your Guide to Private Dining in New Orleans

Apr 20, 2022

The experience of intimate dining with friends and family in a cuisine-rich city like New Orleans is too good to pass up.

But finding quality restaurants for private dining in New Orleans can be a hassle. There are no accurate filters on Google or streamlined ways to find the best options (unless you want to call around and, let’s be real — no one wants to do that).

So, we’ve done the hard work for you and found five of the best spots to dine privately with 10 (or 30!) of your best friends. Let the good food times roll.



Heard of Oysters Rockefeller? Then you’ve heard of Antoine’s. The oldest restaurant in New Orleans, Antoine’s is home to some of the tastiest, well-known dishes like Pommes de Terre Souffles and Eggs Sardou. While you can order Oysters Rockefeller anywhere, you can’t get the original, secret family recipe anywhere but Antoine’s.

Call: (504) 581-4422
Ask to reserve: The Mystery Room, The Dungeon, 1840 Room, Escargot Room
Minimum Spend: $36-$50 per person, depending on the menu
Dress Code: Business casual
Check out their menus 🔗here.

Le Chat Noir

Le Chat Noir opened its doors in mid-December 2021 and has been thriving ever since. Enjoy sustainably sourced, local seafood prepared by a head chef who previously cooked for Michelin-starred Lyle’s in London. And, boy, does it have history. Before it was ever Le Chat Noir, it was a longtime cabaret and lounge. Call your friends and dive into this foodie heaven with a cheeky past.

Call: (504)-381-0045
Ask to reserve: 🔗Two private dining rooms, 10 people per room
Minimum Spend: Varies, but your personal budget per person is taken into consideration
Check out their menu 🔗here.


Your mouth will water at Calcasieu’s well-rounded, farm-to-table selection. Prepare yourself for the freshness of homemade sausages, cured meats, and baked bread with authentic Cajun and Southern flavors. The Wine Room offers the most intimate dining experience flanked with cherry wood furnishings created by a local carpenter and, yes, wine.

Call: 504-588-2188
Ask to reserve: 🔗Wine Room
Minimum Spend: $2,200 plus tax and service charge
Check out their menu 🔗here.


Duck Confit and Seared Red Snapper are only a few of the items on the four-course menu at Gautreau’s. Zagat named this the best restaurant in New Orleans in 2014, and for a reason. The restaurant is in a renovated apothecary, one of the most unique settings for private dining New Orleans can offer.

Call: 504-899-7397
Ask to reserve: Call for more information
Minimum Spend: Varies, but around $100 per person
Check out their menu 🔗here.


Located in the Irish Channel, Atchafalaya is perfect for those looking for Southern comfort combined with the charm of fine dining – brunch or dinner – and smooth jazz. In fact, Atchafalaya was named “one of America’s top ten urban brunch spots.” Atchafalaya offers one semi-private room, thoughtfully dubbed “The Poker Room.” But whether you’re playing poker or just shooting the breeze, space is limited so be sure to call ahead!

Call: (504) 891-9626
Ask to reserve: Poker Room
Minimum Spend: Call for more information
Check out their menu 🔗here.


This restaurant, owned by famous chef and TV personality Emeril Lagasse, sits in the heart of the French Quarter. Enjoy traditional Louisianian cooking with twists of Acadian, Southern, and global influences by a world-renowned chef.

Call: (504) 528-9393
Ask to reserve: Semi-private and private dining rooms
Dress Code: Jackets are recommended, but not required. T-shirts, shorts, hats, and flip-flops are not permitted.
Minimum Spend: Varies, but around $2500 for foods and drinks
Check out their menu 🔗here.