The Best Things To Do In Fort Lauderdale With Kids

Aug 25, 2023

Planning a family trip to Fort Lauderdale and not sure where to begin? Known for its sunny beaches and lots of kid-friendly attractions, Fort Lauderdale is an ideal destination for the entire family.

This ultimate guide will reveal top spots, unique experiences, and fun-filled activities in South Florida's gem that your kids will love. Ready to plan an unforgettable vacation? Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways

  • Fort Lauderdale offers a wide range of attractions and activities that are perfect for families with kids, including the beautiful Fort Lauderdale Beach, Las Olas Boulevard, Stranahan House, Hugh Taylor Birch State Park, Museum of Discovery and Science, Flamingo Gardens.
  • Unique experiences in Fort Lauderdale include Las Olas Gondola Tours, Bluefoot Pirate Family Adventure, Everglades Holiday Park, Butterfly World, and Xtreme Action Park.
  • Water activities for kids in Fort Lauderdale include Sea Experience Glass Bottom Boat Tour and snorkeling adventures in the crystal-clear waters of Fort Lauderdale's Intracoastal Waterway.

Top Attractions in Fort Lauderdale for Kids

Fort Lauderdale offers a variety of top attractions that will keep kids entertained, including the beautiful Fort Lauderdale Beach, the lively Las Olas Boulevard, the historic Stranahan House, and the interactive Museum of Discovery and Science.

Fort Lauderdale Beach

πŸ”—Fort Lauderdale Beach is a treasure trove of activities for children. Perfectly nestled on the Atlantic Ocean, its expansive sandy shores are an ideal playground for kids to build sandcastles and soak in the warm Florida sun.

It's not just fun, but also safe, as lifeguards constantly patrol the beach area keeping watch over your little ones. For adventurous families who love exploring nature, Everglades National Park located nearby provides exciting opportunities to discover diverse wildlife and ecosystems.

Plus, you can stop by at Tigertail Lake Recreational Center with its water sports facilities or even take a detour to C.B Smith Park's Paradise Cove Water Park that's closeby offering thrilling slides and interactive water playgrounds your kids will definitely love!

Las Olas Boulevard

Las Olas Boulevard is a kid's paradise nestled in the heart of Fort Lauderdale. Your entire family will enjoy exploring this vibrant destination known for its unique architecture, lively atmosphere, and myriad of shops.

From specialty stores to state-of-the-art theater complexes, there are entertainment options suited for every age group.

Dining along Las Olas Boulevard is an adventure in itself with numerous family-friendly restaurants offering a culinary journey from different parts of the world. Nearby parks provide ample outdoor activities to keep younger kids engaged while providing much-needed relaxation spots amidst your bustling city exploration.

The boulevard stands out as one of the safest areas in greater Fort Lauderdale, allowing parents peace of mind as their young ones experience all the charms this exciting destination has to offer.

Stranahan House

Nestled in the heart of Fort Lauderdale, the historic Stranahan House offers a splendid opportunity to step back in time and engage your kids' imagination. It's not just about history; it's an educational adventure that narrates the compelling story of Fort Lauderdale’s rise from a swampy frontier to a bustling metropolis.

Your family will be fascinated by antique furniture, vintage photos, and tales of pioneer life in South Florida. Add the charm of spotting manatees swimming down New River right from Stranahan House's backyard or enjoying Las Olas Boulevard nearby for some leisurely shopping or dining β€” it becomes clear why this attraction is loved by visitors across different age groups! So, plan your visit to Greater Fort Lauderdale and don't miss out on experiencing this historical gem with your entire family.

Hugh Taylor Birch State Park

Hugh Taylor Birch State Park, located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway in Ft. Lauderdale, is a fantastic destination for families with kids. With boat and beach access, picnic areas, and youth campgrounds, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Kids can have a blast swimming in the crystal-clear waters or exploring the park's nature trails while spotting birds, squirrels, and turtles along the way. For a more secluded experience, there's even a pedestrian tunnel under A1A that leads directly to the beach.

Don't miss out on renting a boat to cruise along the scenic Intracoastal Waterway too! Hugh Taylor Birch State Park offers educational programs and guided tours designed specifically for children, making it an excellent opportunity for them to learn about Florida's natural environment and wildlife.

Museum of Discovery and Science

One of the top attractions for kids in Fort Lauderdale is the πŸ”—Museum of Discovery and Science. Located in downtown Fort Lauderdale, this museum offers a wide variety of educational and entertaining experiences for children of all ages.

From interactive exhibits to IMAX films, there's something here to engage every young mind. The museum covers topics such as science, technology, and nature, providing a fun way for kids to learn about the world around them.

With its central location and range of activities catering to different age groups, the Museum of Discovery and Science is a must-visit destination for families looking to make their trip to Fort Lauderdale both enjoyable and enriching.

Flamingo Gardens

Flamingo Gardens is a must-visit attraction in Fort Lauderdale for families with kids. Known as one of the top spots in the city, it offers a unique opportunity for children to connect with nature and observe wildlife up close.

The gardens are home to a variety of animals, including flamingos, alligators, otters, and more. With its beautiful and serene setting, Flamingo Gardens provides the perfect backdrop for families to explore together.

Kids can participate in educational programs and enjoy interactive exhibits that aim to engage and educate them about conservation and wildlife preservation. It's no wonder why so many traveling parents love bringing their children here – it's fun, educational, and offers an unforgettable experience for the entire family.



Unique Experiences in Fort Lauderdale for Kids

Experience the magic of Las Olas Gondola Tours, embark on a thrilling Bluefoot Pirate Family Adventure, explore the Everglades Holiday Park, discover beautiful butterflies at Butterfly World, and indulge in excitement at Xtreme Action Park.

Las Olas Gondola Tours

πŸ”—Las Olas Gondola Tours offer a unique and memorable experience for kids in Fort Lauderdale. These 75-minute tours take you through the picturesque canals of the city, providing a Venice-like adventure that your children will love.

As they sit back and relax on the gondola, they'll be able to admire the beautiful waterfront properties and learn about the history and culture of Fort Lauderdale. The knowledgeable guides will share interesting facts about the city, making it both educational and fun.

Kids may even spot some wildlife along the way, such as birds or fish! Suitable for all ages, Las Olas Gondola Tours are highly recommended for families looking to explore Fort Lauderdale in an unconventional way.

Bluefoot Pirate Family Adventure

Bluefoot Pirate Family Adventure is an absolute must-do when visiting Fort Lauderdale with kids. This 1-hour pirate cruise offers a completely immersive experience that will have your little ones feeling like true swashbucklers.

They can dress up as pirates and even participate in thrilling water cannon battles onboard the ship. It's not just about having fun though – this adventure also educates kids about the fascinating history and culture of pirates.

Suitable for all ages, Bluefoot Pirate Family Adventure provides entertainment for the whole family. Let your kids' imaginations run wild as they create unforgettable memories during this unique and exciting water activity in Fort Lauderdale.

Everglades Holiday Park

Everglades Holiday Park in Fort Lauderdale is a must-visit destination for families traveling with kids. This unique park offers an unforgettable adventure in the heart of the Florida Everglades, where children can connect with nature and discover the incredible wildlife that calls this subtropical wilderness home.

Families can embark on exhilarating airboat tours through πŸ”—Everglades National Park, exploring its vast landscapes while spotting alligators, birds, and turtles along the way. Kids will also be thrilled by the captivating alligator presentations at Everglades Holiday Park, where they have the chance to learn about these fascinating creatures and even hold a baby alligator.

It's not just thrilling experiences though; it's an educational one too! The park emphasizes teaching kids about conserving this precious ecosystem. With its convenient location near Fort Lauderdale, Everglades Holiday Park provides families with easy access to a memorable day of adventure and discovery amidst stunning natural beauty.

Butterfly World

Butterfly World is a must-visit attraction in Fort Lauderdale for families traveling with kids. Located in nearby Coconut Creek, this enchanting destination offers a range of unique experiences that make it one of the best things to do in Fort Lauderdale with kids.

With over 20,000 butterflies from around the world, Butterfly World provides an immersive environment filled with tropical flowers and plants. Kids can learn about different butterfly species and their habitats while exploring free-flight aviaries and the fascinating Bug Museum, which showcases an impressive collection of insects like beetles and spiders.

One highlight is the opportunity for kids to interact with colorful lorikeets through feeding sessions. Additionally, Butterfly World offers educational programs and workshops that provide valuable learning opportunities about butterfly conservation.

Xtreme Action Park

Xtreme Action Park in Fort Lauderdale is a must-visit destination for families with kids. It's the largest all-age indoor entertainment complex in the country, offering an array of thrilling activities that will keep everyone entertained.

From go-kart racing and laser tag to bowling and arcade games, Xtreme Action Park has it all. Kids of all ages can have a blast here, making memories that will last a lifetime. So, if you're looking for some excitement during your trip to Fort Lauderdale, don't miss out on this adrenaline-packed experience at Xtreme Action Park.

Water Activities for Kids in Fort Lauderdale

Take your kids on a thrilling Sea Experience Glass Bottom Boat Tour and snorkeling adventure through the crystal-clear waters of Fort Lauderdale.

Intracoastal Waterway

The Intracoastal Waterway in Fort Lauderdale is a haven for water activities that your kids will absolutely love. This scenic waterway offers a variety of options, such as boating, fishing, and even water sports.

Families can rent kayaks and paddleboards to explore the tranquil waters while taking in the beautiful views. Boat tours are also available, allowing you and your family to witness marine life up close and experience the breathtaking beauty of Fort Lauderdale.

Along the waterway, you'll find parks and picnic areas where you can relax with your loved ones and enjoy a fun-filled day by the water. Fishing enthusiasts will be thrilled to discover several spots along the Intracoastal Waterway where they can cast their lines.

Sea Experience Glass Bottom Boat Tour and Snorkeling

One of the best water activities for kids in Fort Lauderdale is the Sea Experience Glass Bottom Boat Tour and Snorkeling. It offers a unique and exciting experience for families visiting the area.

Kids can explore the underwater world through a glass-bottom boat, allowing them to witness the vibrant marine life and coral reefs without getting wet. The tour also includes snorkeling, providing an opportunity for kids to swim alongside colorful fish and discover the beauty of the ocean up close.

This activity is not only fun but also educational, as knowledgeable guides onboard share interesting information about different species of fish and coral found in the area. Sea Experience ensures a safe and supervised environment for kids to enjoy snorkeling, making it an ideal choice for families looking to create unforgettable memories in Fort Lauderdale.

Fort Lauderdale Water Taxi

The Fort Lauderdale Water Taxi is a fantastic way for families to navigate the city's waterways and enjoy various water activities with their kids. This popular transportation option provides easy access to attractions along the Riverwalk, allowing families to explore the scenic surroundings on foot.

The Water Taxi also offers boat rides along the New River in downtown Fort Lauderdale, complete with a convenient snack bar on board. With stops at parks, playgrounds, and even water parks like Paradise Cove and Tigertail Lake Recreational Center, the Water Taxi ensures that families can easily access exciting water-based adventures for their little ones.

So hop aboard the Fort Lauderdale Water Taxi and let your family embark on a fun-filled aquatic journey through this vibrant South Florida destination!

Downtown Fort Lauderdale with Kids

Explore the vibrant downtown area of Fort Lauderdale with your kids and discover endless entertainment options for the whole family.

Downtown Fort Lauderdale Exploration

Downtown Fort Lauderdale is a vibrant and bustling area that offers plenty of fun activities for families with kids. From educational museums to beautiful gardens, there's something for everyone here.

The Museum of Discovery & Science is a must-visit, with its captivating exhibits and educational movies that make learning exciting for kids. For little ones who love art, the Young at Art Museum in Broward Mall offers art classes where they can explore their creativity.

And if you're looking to enjoy some time outdoors, the Riverwalk is the perfect place to take a leisurely stroll and enjoy scenic views of the city. With all these attractions and more, downtown Fort Lauderdale promises an unforgettable experience for your family.

IMPORTANT FACTS: Downtown Fort Lauderdale offers a wide range of activities for kids of all ages, including educational museums like the Museum of Discovery & Science and art classes at the Young at Art Museum in Broward Mall.



Visit the Galleria

Located in downtown Fort Lauderdale, the Galleria is a must-visit destination for families exploring the area with kids. This popular shopping mall offers a diverse range of shops, providing plenty of options for children and their families.

From clothing stores to specialty shops, you'll find everything you need for your little ones. The Galleria also features a selection of dining options, allowing you to grab a quick bite or enjoy a leisurely meal during your visit.

With its convenient location and ample parking available, the Galleria provides a fun and interactive shopping experience that is suitable for the whole family. So head on over to the Galleria and make some lasting memories while exploring downtown Fort Lauderdale with your kids!

Enjoy the Community Shuttle Fort Lauderdale

The πŸ”—Community Shuttle in Fort Lauderdale is a fantastic resource for families with kids looking to explore the city's attractions. This free transportation service operates on several routes, including one along AIA and another to Las Olas and AIA.

It provides an easy and convenient way for families to navigate Fort Lauderdale without the hassle of parking and traffic. With the shuttle, you can easily access popular spots like the Riverwalk, Galleria shopping mall, and Coral Ridge Mall.

Plus, it's a cost-effective option since it's free of charge! So hop on board the Community Shuttle and make your family adventure in Fort Lauderdale even more enjoyable.

Explore Riverwalk Fort Lauderdale

Riverwalk Fort Lauderdale is a must-visit destination when exploring downtown Fort Lauderdale with your kids. This scenic walking area offers stunning views of the water and downtown skyline, making it a perfect spot for a leisurely stroll or bike ride with the family.

You'll find plenty of green spaces, beautiful gardens, and even interactive fountains where your little ones can cool off on hot days. Riverwalk Fort Lauderdale is also home to charming shops, cafes, and restaurants where you can grab a bite to eat or indulge in some retail therapy.

Plus, it's conveniently located near hotels, so you won't have to venture far to enjoy this picturesque destination.

Tips for Visiting Fort Lauderdale with Kids

When visiting Fort Lauderdale with kids, make sure to check out the kid-friendly beaches, choose the best time to visit, explore what Fort Lauderdale is known for, find family-friendly accommodations, and don't forget the importance of travel insurance.

Kid-Friendly Beaches

Fort Lauderdale is home to some of the most kid-friendly beaches in South Florida. With its crystal-clear waters and soft sandy shores, families can enjoy a day of sun, sand, and surf.

One popular beach for kids is Deerfield Beach, known for its calm waves and lifeguards on duty. Another favorite spot is Fort Lauderdale Beach, offering amenities such as playgrounds and picnic areas that are perfect for young children.

The Atlantic Ocean provides endless opportunities for building sandcastles, collecting seashells, and taking refreshing swims. So whether your little ones want to splash in the gentle waves or simply lounge under an umbrella with their toes in the sand, Fort Lauderdale has plenty of options that will keep them entertained all day long.



Best Time to Visit Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale enjoys a warm and tropical climate year-round, making it an ideal destination for families seeking sunshine and outdoor activities. However, the best time to visit Fort Lauderdale with kids is during the winter months of December to April when temperatures are pleasantly mild and there is less chance of rain.

This is also considered the peak tourist season, so you can expect more crowded attractions and higher hotel rates. If you're looking for a quieter experience with fewer crowds, consider visiting in the shoulder seasons of fall (September to November) or spring (May to June).

During these times, you can still enjoy pleasant weather while avoiding the peak tourist traffic. Summer in Fort Lauderdale brings hotter temperatures and more humidity, as well as afternoon thunderstorms.

What Fort Lauderdale is Known For

Fort Lauderdale, located in sunny South Florida, is known for its stunning beaches, vibrant culture, and family-friendly atmosphere. This coastal city offers a plethora of activities and attractions that are perfect for traveling parents with kids in tow.

From the beautiful Fort Lauderdale Beach where you can soak up the sun and build sandcastles to the famous Las Olas Boulevard lined with shops and restaurants, there is never a shortage of things to do.

Fort Lauderdale is also home to some fantastic museums like the Museum of Discovery & Science, where children can learn through interactive exhibits and movies. And let's not forget about the breathtaking Everglades National Park nearby! This unique natural wonderland allows families to explore its diverse wildlife on thrilling airboat rides or informative guided tours.

Family-Friendly Accommodations

Fort Lauderdale offers an array of family-friendly accommodations, making it easy for traveling parents to find the perfect place to stay. From luxurious hotels with spacious suites and kid-friendly amenities to cozy bed and breakfasts that provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere, there are options to suit every family's needs.

Vacation rentals and motels also offer affordable alternatives for those looking for a home away from home during their visit. Whether you prefer being close to the beach or staying in the heart of downtown Fort Lauderdale, there is no shortage of accommodation choices.

With its beautiful beaches, vibrant city life, and endless attractions for kids, Fort Lauderdale is truly a destination that caters to families seeking memorable experiences together.

Travel Insurance Importance

Travel insurance is crucial when traveling to Fort Lauderdale with your kids. It provides peace of mind and financial protection in case of unexpected events or emergencies. Whether it's a medical issue, lost luggage, or trip cancellation, travel insurance can help cover the costs and ensure you're not left with hefty expenses.

Fort Lauderdale offers a range of outdoor activities and attractions that may involve some level of risk, so having travel insurance is especially important for families with adventurous little ones.

With the diverse range of experiences available in this vibrant city, it's essential to prioritize your family's safety and enjoy your vacation worry-free by investing in travel insurance before setting off on your exciting family adventure.

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In conclusion, Fort Lauderdale offers endless opportunities for family fun and adventure. From playing on the beautiful Fort Lauderdale beaches to exploring educational museums and embarking on unique experiences like gondola tours and pirate adventures, there is something for every child to enjoy.

With its scenic waterfront views, vibrant downtown area, and abundance of water activities, Fort Lauderdale is a top choice for traveling parents looking to create unforgettable memories with their kids.

Plan your visit now and discover why so many people love Fort Lauderdale!


1. What are some of the best family-friendly attractions in Fort Lauderdale?

Fort Lauderdale offers a variety of family-friendly attractions, including the Museum of Discovery and Science, the Jungle Queen Riverboat Cruise, Butterfly World, Flamingo Gardens, and the Sawgrass Recreation Park.

2. Are there any outdoor activities suitable for kids in Fort Lauderdale?

Yes, there are plenty of outdoor activities that kids can enjoy in Fort Lauderdale. Some popular options include visiting Hugh Taylor Birch State Park for nature trails, canoeing at West Lake Park, or exploring the Everglades on an airboat tour.

3. Is there a beach area in Fort Lauderdale that is kid-friendly?

Yes! Many families choose to visit Deerfield Beach when looking for a kid-friendly beach in Fort Lauderdale. It has a wide sandy shoreline with calm waters and amenities such as lifeguards and playgrounds.

4. Are there any educational experiences for kids in Fort Lauderdale?

Absolutely! The Bonnet House Museum and Gardens offer guided tours specifically designed for children to learn about art and nature. The Young At Art Museum is another great option, offering interactive exhibits and workshops focused on creativity and education for kids of all ages.