Top Restaurants in Miami 2020

Mar 5, 2020


Miami is famous for its food, but it’s easy to get lost in the thousands of restaurants that line Miami’s streets. Whether you’re in the mood for the freshest seafood or traditional Caribbean cuisine, Miami is the place for you. Stick to our guide to Miami’s best restaurants, and you’ll be taken on a tour around Miami’s most exciting culinary neighborhoods. Just be sure to bring your appetite!

Little Havana

If you ask any Cuban where to find the best Cuban food in Miami, most of the time they’ll say in their kitchen. Fortunately, there are some pretty awesome spots that don’t require an invitation.

Little Havana is what most people imagine when they think of Miami. Colorful parades, massive murals, and music flooding from every corner - Little Havana is alive. It is also home to some of the most exciting cuisines in the city. If you’re looking for a rich culinary culture and streets alive with excitement, Little Havana is right for you.

1. La Camaronera - This fantastic fish joint is a Miami icon, serving everything from oysters to camarones fritos (fried shrimp) to whole fresh fish.

2. Cafe la Trova - The most recent venture from Miami sweetheart Michelle Bernstein and world renowned bartender Julio Cabrera takes you to Havana with a unique take on cuban food. Here you’ll find a live band (dancing encouraged) and an 80’s themed bar in the back.

3. El Pub - Nothing close to glamorous, this is as Cuban as it gets. Try Cuban staples like fried plantains, Cuban sandwiches, and ham croquetas while practicing that Spanish you haven’t used since high school.

You can also walk up and down Calle Ocho and pop into any place that calls to you; a food adventure is the best adventure.


Walking the streets of Brickell while hungry might lead you to choose one of the obvious big-box restaurants like PF Changs or Rosa’s Mexicana, but we’ll implore that you give these local spots 5 Delicious Dinner Spots in Brickell blog a try.


Wynwood’s explosive popularity can be easily measured by the number of restaurants popping up. After you finish walking around enjoying the murals (maybe hitting up a brewery or two), there are plenty of spots that deserve your attention.

1. The Taco Stand - Do you like your tortillas made to order?  The answer is yes, and there’s a taco here with your name on it.

2. KYU - Better make your reservations well in advance because KYU is booked all the time. Ask anyone who’s been there what their favorite dishes were and you’re sure to hear: the cauliflower. Trust us.

3. Le Chick - You might be skeptical about a restaurant dedicated to chicken but Le Chick’s rotisserie and fried chicken might be the best in Miami.

Miami Design District

Just North of Wynwood lies Miami’s Design District.  We invite you to come for the high-end shopping, stay for the delectable food.  

1. Ember - The menu at Ember is a dream. Mac’n cheese with chicken skin crumbles, 30 layer lasagna where every piece tastes like the corner, fried chicken with caviar butter. After dinner, fully satiated, head next door to Kaido, the sister bar, a Tokyo-Inspired cocktail bar.

2. Ghee - Locals might gripe about the lack of good Indian food in Miami, but Ghee is a delicious, flavorful solution to that problem.


Downtown Miami isn’t usually on the tourist map but it’s worth the visit for these restaurants alone.

1. NIU Kitchen- You may walk by the entrance to NIU kitchen a few times before you realize where it is, but starting at 6pm, no matter the day of the week, people will fill the small tables to pick on octopus, clams, and Spanish charcuterie.

2. Fooqs- Warm and cozy, Fooqs serves up delicious Persian comfort food. The crispy, garlicky Brussel sprouts are a must. After dinner head next door to The Corner for some of Miami’s best cocktails.

3. Alloy - Tucked down an ally off of SW 1st St is a cluster of small yet incredibly delicious restaurants. One of them is Alloy and it is spectacular. Their duck prosciutto melts in your mouth, the octopus comes in a glass dome filled with smoke, and their pastas are all so good, it is agony to choose just one.

In between your trips to the beach and the dance floor, Miami has so many delicious restaurants you have to try. Thank you for exploring Miami’s best restaurants with us.