The Top 26 Things To Do In Miami For Couples

Sep 15, 2023

Planning a getaway to Miami, but overwhelmed with all the options? Welcome to Miami - Florida's bustling city filled with beautiful beaches, vibrant neighborhoods and endless entertainment.

This guide unveils 26 exciting things couples can do in Miami for an unforgettable trip. Let's dive right into these perfect blend of romantic and adventures experiences you wouldn't want to miss!

Key Takeaways

  • Miami offers many romantic experiences for couples like private sailboat rides and salsa lessons.
  • There are also unique activities like a photography session around the city or parasailing over Biscayne Bay.
  • For culture enthusiasts, exploration of Art Deco District and Pérez Art Museum is recommended.
  • Outdoor lovers can enjoy adventures in Everglades National Park or Oleta River State Park.

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Romantic Miami Date Ideas and Experiences

Photography session

Capture your Miami moments with a professional photography session. Miami's natural beauty and vibrant cityscape make for stunning backdrops. Whether you're strolling along the South Beach, exploring the Art Deco District, or simply enjoying each other’s company in Coconut Grove, capturing these memories professionally enriches your experience.

After all, images speak louder than words and will remain long after your vacation ends to remind you of this special time together.

Romantic salsa lessons & dancing

While the sun sets and Miami Beach shifts to its enchanting nightly mood, couples can embark on a truly romantic adventure: salsa lessons. This city's pulsating Caribbean spirit comes alive in sultry dance halls flickering with fairy lights.

Dance schools such as Salsa Mia or Tango Times are known for their experienced instructors who gently guide beginners through the steps of this passionate dance.

Combine your love for each other with an undying infatuation for music at Miami’s numerous salsa clubs. Whether it's Coconut Grove, Little Havana or Wynwood, every neighborhood has something distinct to offer – exciting spaces that welcome everyone from skilled dancers twirling together like well-rehearsed movie sequences all the way to novices experiencing their first lighthearted misstep.

Whichever you choose, swaying together amidst lively Latin beats tends to foster closer bonds among lovers making it exceptional in things to do in Miami for couples.

Private sailboat drift

A private sailboat drift across the stunning Biscayne Bay is an alluring experience that epitomizes romance. Navigating through the calm, crystal clear waters while admiring the glowing skyline of Miami is surely one of the unique things to do in Miami for couples.

Enjoy tantalizing tropical sunsets with your loved ones and seize countless photo opportunities against Florida’s radiant landscapes. As you cruise along, soak up this magical moment where city life meets natural beauty seamlessly.

Perfectly tailored for unforgettable moments under a starlit sky, it's no wonder why this cherished adventure crowns most of Miami date ideas.

Biscayne Bay cruise

A Biscayne Bay cruise offers an unforgettable experience for couples visiting Miami. Floating on crystal clear waters, you'll have stunning views of the gorgeous Miami skyline and the glittering white-sand beaches that surround you.

You can spot playful dolphins, graceful manatees, and a myriad of tropical birds as they go about their routines in this vibrant ecosystem. As you sail off into the sunset with a cocktail in hand, take delight in the panoramic vistas colored by orangey hues and feel the cool sea breeze which is sure to make your date magical under Florida’s open skies!

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, located in Coral Gables, brings a taste of the tropics to Magic City. Sprawling over 83 acres, this oasis immerses couples into an environment filled with rare and exotic plant life.

The sprawling garden acts as a living exhibit, displaying plants from around the globe on well-manicured landscapes or flourishing within modern greenhouses like art pieces in galleries.

Couples can traverse age-old trails beneath vibrant flowers and foliage overhead; delighting their senses with colors and smells unique to subtropical flora. Besides passive exploration, there's always something happening at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden: interactive workshops teaching gardening skills for home-growers or guided tours providing rich insights about Earth's complex ecosystems being housed here are just two examples among many events available daily.

And for those seeking romantic tranquility combined with gastronomic delight - you won't be disappointed! The on-site restaurant often has special dinners and brunches that demonstrate how truly dynastic botanical inspiration can get when translated onto your plates served amidst such idyllic surroundings.

Pérez Art Museum Miami

Pérez Art Museum Miami, downtown's contemporary art gem, is an unmissable stop for culture-loving couples. The museum showcases a truly diverse collection of modern art from all corners of the globe.

Marvel at engaging exhibitions and innovative installations as you roam through the spacious galleries hand in hand.

Nestled in a scenic waterfront spot with beautiful views over Biscayne Bay, Pérez Art Museum offers not just artistic discovery but also a romantic ambiance for couples to immerse themselves into the Magic City's creative side.

Climb up to its verdant hanging gardens or grab a bite at Verde, its own gourmet restaurant while soaking up Miami’s skyline view that the location generously has on display!


Parasailing ranks high on the list of romantic adventures in Miami for couples. Picture yourself and your partner soaring above the crystal clear waters, harnessed in a safe and secure parasail wing.

The panoramic views of Miami's coastline will take your breath away during this exciting aerial journey. Experience the exhilarating thrill as you glide through air, spotting dolphins or colourful fish from an incredible height over Biscayne Bay.

This unique date idea not only offers excitement but allows you to create memorable moments with your loved one under the warm Florida sun.

South Beach by Segway

South Beach dazzles with its vibrant nightlife, historic Art Deco architecture, and lively beach scene. Cruising this trendy neighborhood on a Segway offers one of the most thrilling experiences for couples visiting Miami.

With helmets strapped on and the ocean breeze in your hair, you'll zip past awe-inspiring art deco buildings, bustling sidewalk cafes, fashionable boutiques, and colorful murals at an enjoyable pace.

This pulsating journey gives you an intimate glimpse into the glamor that defines South Beach while comfortably keeping up with its throbbing energy. The Segway tour takes no effort or experience to enjoy fully; it's as easy as just hopping on board! So get ready to explore the Magic City's premier destination - South Beach by Segway promises a date adventure like none other.

Miami Beach

Miami Beach dazzles couples with its radiant sunshine, stunning beaches, and vibrant nightlife. With a vast range of accommodation options to suit any budget, you can enjoy the tropical vibe this city offers in your own style.

Here, romantic tours prosper--from sunset yacht cruises to intimate dining experiences on a seaside restaurant. You'll find art deco buildings dotting the streetscape that add charm to your beach walks.

The local transportation system is notably efficient with multiple free public transit routes; making it easier for couples to explore Miami without hassle. Whether lazing under an umbrella on South Beach or bar hopping at night through Florida's most popular clubs - Miami Beach provides endless adventures for lovers!

Coconut Grove

Coconut Grove serves as an artistic hub, offering galleries and cultural events for those couples with a keen interest in the arts. It is also home to the popular Vizcaya Museum and Gardens where lovebirds can enjoy romantic tours amid beautiful surroundings.

Add spice to your Miami date night by experiencing Coconut Grove's vibrant nightlife that offers a mix of luxury bistros, modern bars and laid-back lounges. Take advantage of its location near other top Miami tourist spots - ideal for couples looking forward to exploring more attractions around this Magic City!

Art Deco District

Strolling through the Art Deco District is a must for couples visiting Miami. You'll find yourself surrounded by vibrant, pastel-colored structures with facades that speak volumes about Miami's rich architectural history.

This area encompasses over 800 preserved buildings, making it one of the largest concentrations of Art Deco architecture in the world! The district's oceanfront location on South Beach creates an enchanting backdrop for late afternoon walks and colorful sunsets – perfect scenarios to make memorable romantic snapshots.

Don't miss out on checking out iconic landmarks like The Carlyle and Essex House during your visit; their classic elegance transports you back to Magic City’s golden era! Lastly, take time to enjoy delicious meals at some of South Beach's trendy bistros tucked within these art deco buildings.

Outdoor Adventures for Couples in Miami

Everglades National Park airboat adventure

Thrill pairs itself with romance as the Everglades National Park unfolds an exhilarating airboat adventure for couples in Miami. Exploring this unique ecosystem from an airboat brings a sense of sublime wonder, enhancing the charm of your vacation.

As the engine roars, cut through swampy grasslands amid wild alligators and diverse bird species — turning every moment into cherished memories. Experienced guides lead this heart-pounding journey, providing enriching commentary about the park's vibrant wildlife ecology.

Seek no further than this thrilling outdoor experience to engrave a lasting impression on your romantic escapade in Miami.

Oleta River State Park

For travel-savvy couples who like an injection of action, Oleta River State Park is a must-see. Grab a paddleboard or kayak and cut through waterways draped with mangroves at Florida's largest urban park.

Glide around the Haulover Sandbar in your canoe for picturesque views of the river that will engrave lasting memories.

Not just a haven for watersports, this breathtaking hub teems with diverse wildlife too; it houses various species of birds and fish. So keep your eyes peeled as you explore the natural beauty sprawled across Oleta River State Park.

Home to some untouched retreats, it has scenic spots where partners can savor their solitude in nature while relishing panoramic vistas.


Paddleboarding ranks high as a favored outdoor adventure for couples in Miami. Exploring the city's dramatic skyline, stunning waterfront views, and abundant marine life - all from atop a paddleboard - injects excitement into any romantic getaway.

This calming water sport immerses you both directly in nature's beauty, forging an authentic connection with your environment and each other. It caters to all fitness levels and guarantees a unique look at Florida's Magic City that remains engraved in memory long after the vacation ends.

Whether seasoned paddlers or beginners keen on trying something new together, couples find paddleboarding more than just an activity; it becomes part of their shared lore during their visit to Miami.

Jungle Island Park

Venture into Jungle Island Park for an unforgettable outdoor adventure. You'll have the chance to feed and photograph unique animal species, adding excitement to your experience. Immerse yourselves in nature as you wind along scenic trails, spotting fascinating plant and wildlife.

Take time out for a romantic picnic or amble hand-in-hand through this verdant oasis that boasts stunning views of Biscayne Bay and the Miami skyline. It's more than just a park; it's an opportunity for couples to create special memories amidst natural beauty while adventuring together in the heart of Miami.

North Miami Beach

Standing out as a gem with beautiful beaches, North Miami Beach offers unbeatable opportunities for couples. You can relish swimming or sunbathing along the vibrant coast and spice up your day with delightful beach picnics.

Its parks and nature reserves are unmatched, perfect for leisurely strolls or invigorating jogs in lush green surroundings. For those seeking adventure, renting kayaks or paddleboards to explore the surrounding coastline tops many visitors' activity lists.

Not far from here is Oleta River State Park, teeming with various exciting outdoor activities that make every moment worth it on North Miami Beach!

Cultural and Sightseeing Activities for Couples in Miami

World Erotic Art Museum

Experience a whole new take on art at the World Erotic Art Museum in Miami! This museum presents an astounding collection of erotic artwork, encompassing diverse mediums like paintings, sculptures, photographs and artifacts from across the globe.

Unlike anything else you’ll see in city's abundant cultural scene, it promises to engage couples through a unique adult-oriented experience. The museum fuels dynamic conversation about sexuality and art within its safe and welcoming ambience.

Little Havana food & walking tour

Get ready to immerse yourself in the lively vibes of Little Havana. This vibrant Miami neighborhood boasts a strong Cuban influence and offers an incredibly enriching cultural experience.

  1. Begin your journey through the heart of Little Havana.
  2. Discover the iconic Domino Park where locals engage in passionate games of dominos.
  3. Stroll past the historic Tower Theater, an emblem of Cuban culture in Miami since 1960.
  4. Savor authentic Cuban dishes during your exploration, tasting everything from sweet pasteles to savory empanadas.
  5. Gain insights into the rich Cuban heritage woven into the fabric of this lively neighborhood.

South Beach cultural food & walking tour

Embrace the lively atmosphere of Miami with the South Beach cultural food and walking tour. This flavorful journey allows you to:

  • Savor different culinary delights across a vibrant neighborhood.
  • Explore an essential part of Miami's cultural history.
  • Earn a spot among the top 26 things to do for tourist couples.
  • Spend quality time alongside your partner, while roaming through energetic streets full of character.
  • Indulge in mouthwatering dishes which tell the story of Miami's diverse populace.
  • Find hidden gastronomic gems that may likely become your favorite haunts on each visit.
  • Craft lasting memories painted with vivid tastes, sights, and sounds uniquely found in South Beach.

Villa Vizcaya & Gardens

A trip to the Villa Vizcaya & Gardens transports couples back to Miami's Gilded Age with its magnificent architecture and art collections. Right in the heart of Coconut Grove, this remarkable estate offers a romantic setting perfect for leisurely strolls hand-in-hand.

Each corner of the Main House bursts with unique decorative pieces reflecting James Deering’s sophisticated lifestyle.

The spellbinding charm doesn't end within the four walls of the mansion. The meticulously maintained gardens at Vizcaya promise a tranquil escape filled with breathtaking views and gorgeous settings ideal for cherished moments together.

Embrace each other amidst century-old trees or simply admire nature’s beauty around you while exploring these stunning landscapes at your own pace. This delightful blend of history, culture, and serene ambiance makes Villa Vizcaya & Gardens a must-visit destination for any couple seeking unforgettable experiences in Miami.

Coral Castle

Marvel at the romantic aura of Coral Castle, a significant landmark located in Miami. The monolithic limestone structure tells the tale of unrequited love and serves as a tribute by its builder Edward Leedskalnin to his long lost love.

Offering an enchanting atmosphere for couples, it's architecture alone is enough to pique any visitor’s interest. Dive into mystery as you explore the grounds and learn about the castle's fascinating history firsthand.

Turn your visit into celebration during their palm and tarot reading sessions held on every first Saturday of month.

Wynwood street art & gallery

Immerse yourselves in the colorful world of Wynwood - a bustling neighborhood famous for its street art and galleries. Stroll through the hip district together, soaking in breathtaking murals that transform buildings into giant canvases at every turn.

Pay a visit to Wynwood Walls, an outdoor museum showcasing dynamic graffiti sure to leave you awe-struck. Discover countless Art Galleries scattered throughout where both internationally acclaimed artists and local talents display their works.

Trade your thoughts on vibrant abstract paintings, contemporary sculptures or even edgy installations with your partner as you navigate these artistic spaces. Witness first-hand how creativity breathes life into this area during regularly held arts events and festivals - an experience not to be missed!

Miami Seaquarium

Miami Seaquarium, boasting a capacity of 4,519, emerges as an ideal destination for tourist couples. This popular attraction offers diverse marine life and fun-filled interactive experiences that prove educational and exciting concurrently.

You can immerse yourselves in unique exhibits showcasing fascinating sea creatures while learning about the importance of marine conservation. Indeed, this captivating adventure elevates your Miami escapade into an unforgettable journey under the sea!

Unique Experiences for Couples in Miami

Couples seeking a thrill will find unique experiences in Miami that cater to their adventurous side. From soaring above the city's skyline on a private helicopter ride to solving puzzles together in an exhilarating escape room experience, and even zooming across azure waters during a romantic seaplane tour - these activities packed with adrenaline are sure to create unforgettable memories.

Private helicopter ride

Private helicopter rides in Miami offer couples an unmatched way to experience the city. Imagine soaring above iconic landmarks like the Pérez Art Museum, Biscayne Bay, and intricate patterns of the Art Deco District from a bird's-eye view! This unique adventure offers stunning sights that are sure to take your breath away.

The aerial perspectives will give you a new appreciation for Miami's beauty, making it a must-do activity on your romantic getaway list. Plus, there’s nothing quite as intimate as sharing a high-flying journey over Florida’s Magic City with only your partner by your side - talk about an exclusive treatment! Whether it's day or night flights you choose, private helicopter rides indisputably mark one of the top extravagant ways to spice up vacations for couples visiting Miami.

Romantic seaplane tour

A romantic seaplane tour offers a unique opportunity to see Miami's magic from the sky. This high-flying adventure whisks couples away for breathtaking aerial views of Florida's most famous attractions like the Art Deco District, Coconut Grove, and Biscayne Bay.

As you soar above emerald waters and sprawling cityscapes, your pilot will navigate past landmarks including downtown Miami and picturesque Key Biscayne. Savour these exclusive moments together while capturing stunning photographs that would make perfect souvenirs! The heart-racing excitement combined with panoramic scenery makes this unforgettable journey one of the top things to do in Miami for couples seeking thrill mixed with romance.

Escape room experience

Escape room adventures in Miami offer a thrilling twist to the conventional date experience for couples. They are packed with exciting challenges and mind-bending puzzles designed to test your teamwork and problem-solving skills.

Finding clues, deciphering codes, unlocking various elements – all within an intriguing narrative arc can uplift your adrenaline rush. Choose from horror-themed rooms or pick one that transports you into historical mysteries; each escapade is sure to be engaging due its unique storyline structure and creativity.

This hands-on activity captures Miami's love for artistry as well, reflecting in captivating set designs and immersive atmospheres making it an unforgettable adventure during your visit! It's undoubtedly a different type of bonding filled with laughter, dramatic revelations - adding exhilarating memories to your fantastic getaway together in the beguiling city of Miami.

Day Trips and Excursions for Couples near Miami

Experience the beauty beyond Miami by embarking on day trips and excursions for couples. Explore the southernmost point of Florida with a Key West Day trip, or expand your knowledge in science & technology at Kennedy Space Center.

These adventures provide an exciting change from city life, opening you up to Florida's magnificent scenery, history and attractions.

Key West day trip

Exploring Key West in a day trip adds an exciting dimension to your Miami visit. Tucked away 130 miles from Miami, this island destination is teeming with activities tailored for couples.

Imagine snorkeling over coral reefs or kayaking through the azure blue waters together. Enjoying a romantic sunset cruise or savoring a beachfront dinner takes your romance up another notch.

History lovers can immerse themselves in the rich cultural heritage at landmarks such as Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum. Just one day in Key West will fill you with memories you'll cherish long after leaving Florida's sun-soaked shores!

Kennedy Space Center

The Kennedy Space Center, located on Florida's east coast, offers a captivating journey into the science of space exploration. It presents an array of interactive exhibits leaving couples enchanted with the awe-inspiring world beyond our planet.

The center also gives you access to real space artifacts and provides guided tours that plunge visitors deep into the complex workings of NASA’s operations. One highlight is undoubtedly witnessing rocket launches which deliver an unforgettable spectating experience for everyone there.

This popular destination merges fascination for technology & science with romantic undertones effortlessly creating a unique outing tailor-made for any couple interested in expanding their knowledge while enjoying each other's company.


The Magic City invites couples to indulge in a whirlwind of romantic adventure, culture and natural beauty. From sizzling salsa moves to serene seaplane tours over Biscayne Bay, Miami offers an endless canvas of experiences for lovebirds.

Shrouded with mystery are the stony curves of Coral Castle while the vibrant palette of Wynwood walls echoes creativity at each corner. For outdoor buffs, Everglades National Park unfurls the raw allure of Florida’s wilderness - You've got everything you need for an unforgettable time together in Miami.


1. What are some romantic things to do in Miami for couples?

In Miami, couples can enjoy many romantic activities like dining at the famous Faena Hotel Miami Beach or taking a stroll down Miami Ave.

2. Is staying at Faena Hotel a good idea for couples?

Yes! The Faena Hotel in Miami Beach is an excellent choice for couples seeking high-class amenities and unique experience wrapped into one.

3. Are there any specific attractions on Miami Ave for couples?

Miami Avenue offers various attractions making it an ideal spot for couple outings; however, specifics may depend upon personal interests ranging from foods to entertainment places.

4. Can I plan out a whole day of romantic things to do if our base is at the Faena Hotel?

Absolutely! The location of the Faena hotel provides easy access to multiple interesting local spots around the city and even along with scenic views that fit right within your daily-planned-out activities.