37 Romantic Things to Do in New Orleans

Aug 1, 2023

Welcome to New Orleans, a city filled with romance, adventure, and unforgettable experiences for couples. From the vibrant streets of the French Quarter to the serene beauty of City Park, this Crescent City offers something for every kind of love story.

Get ready to dance under streetlamps, indulge in world-class cuisine, and explore museums teeming with history in this enchanting destination.

Romantic Places In New Orleans For Couples

Explore the historic French Quarter, take a romantic canoe ride on Bayou Saint John, stroll through City Park's picturesque gardens, visit Jackson Square and St.

French Quarter

The French Quarter is the heart of New Orleans and a must-visit destination for couples seeking romance in the Crescent City. With its unique blend of French, Spanish, and Creole architecture, this historic neighborhood sets an enchanting backdrop for lovers to explore together.

Aside from its rich history and charming atmosphere, the French Quarter offers plenty of exciting activities tailored to couples. Take a bicycle tour through scenic streets lined with beautiful ironwork balconies adorned with lush greenery or indulge in a cemetery tour where legends like voodoo queen Marie Laveau are laid to rest.

Music-loving pairs shouldn't miss out on catching traditional jazz performances at Preservation Hall – a small venue that has hosted Grammy-winning artists over the decades.

Bayou Saint John Canoe Rides

Bayou Saint John Canoe Rides offer couples an unforgettable experience as they explore the tranquil waterways of New Orleans. This unique and intimate adventure allows you to get up close with the city's natural beauty and impressive wildlife while drifting through lush landscapes away from the hustle and bustle.

Not only do canoe rides provide a serene escape, but they also let you indulge in some exciting activities like paddleboarding or kayaking together with your loved one. Rentals for all these equipment are readily available on-site at Bayou Saint John.

New Orleans City Park

City Park, located in the heart of New Orleans, is a must-visit destination for couples seeking romance and adventure. This breathtaking park spans over 1,300 acres and features lush gardens, scenic waterways, historic oak trees draped with Spanish moss, and picturesque walking paths perfect for leisurely strolls hand-in-hand.

Within City Park's enchanting landscape lies an array of attractions to make your day unforgettable. The New Orleans Museum of Art showcases a vast collection of art pieces, while the nearby botanical garden houses unique plants and flowers that will captivate nature lovers.

Dining options within the park include charming cafes and fine-dining restaurants where you can indulge in local flavors together. In addition to these delightful experiences, cultural events like live music performances are often held throughout Crescent City's beloved oasis making it an ideal spot for romantic celebrations or even wedding ceremonies.

Jackson Square

Located in the heart of New Orleans' French Quarter, Jackson Square is a romantic and historic landmark that provides couples with an idyllic setting for their visit. The square's picturesque location offers a tranquil atmosphere where couples can take a leisurely stroll and admire the stunning views of the Mississippi River.

One of Jackson Square's most notable features is St. Louis Cathedral, which has stood since 1789 and provides couples with gorgeous architecture to appreciate as they explore this lovely area.

For those looking for even more romance, horse-drawn carriage rides around the square are also a popular activity that allows couples to cozy up next to one another while enjoying the sights and sounds of this beautiful setting.

St. Louis Cathedral

Another romantic place in New Orleans for couples is the St. Louis Cathedral, located in the heart of the French Quarter. As the oldest continuously operating cathedral in the United States, it offers a unique and historical experience for visitors.

Its stunning architecture and stained glass windows provide a picturesque setting for couples to enjoy each other's company. The cathedral hosts daily mass services and also special events throughout the year, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking both spiritual and cultural experiences.

It is also a popular spot for wedding ceremonies and photo sessions, with Jackson Square providing a beautiful backdrop for such occasions.

Audubon Park

Audubon Park is a hidden gem located in the Uptown neighborhood of New Orleans and is one of the top romantic places for couples to visit. The park offers stunning views of nature, wildlife, and magnificent houses that surround it.

With multiple walking paths, couples can take a leisurely stroll or enjoy jogging or bicycling together while taking in the scenic beauty. Additionally, Audubon Park provides opportunities for a game of golf or tennis on its well-maintained courts.

Home to Audubon Zoo and Carousel Gardens Amusement Park, this park is also an ideal spot for outdoor events such as the New Orleans Wine & Food Experience festival.

Cafe Du Monde

Cafe Du Monde is a must-visit for couples traveling to New Orleans. This historic coffee shop has been serving up delicious beignets since 1862 and has become an iconic spot in the French Quarter.

Nestled amongst the hustle and bustle of the city, Cafe Du Monde offers a hidden courtyard patio where couples can escape from the busy streets and enjoy their beignets and coffee in peace.
The cafe's romantic ambiance and delectable treats make it a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

Mississippi Riverwalk

Take a romantic stroll with your partner on the Mississippi Riverwalk, which is one of the most picturesque and peaceful places in New Orleans for couples. The Riverwalk stretches over 2 miles from Jackson Square to Canal Street and offers stunning views of the river, including massive cargo ships welcoming you to the Port of New Orleans.

Pack a picnic or grab some local snacks at nearby food vendors to enjoy alongside this serene scenery. Don't forget to snap some photos as well! As night falls, take in breathtaking sunsets that reflect off the water's surface like shimmering gold before heading out for an evening full of entertainment.

Unique And Memorable Couple Activities

Experience the ultimate adventure with your partner at New Orleans by joining haunted tours, cooking classes, tasting tours, jazz bars and many more. Discover the city's unique charm and culture as you make unforgettable memories together.

Bed, Breakfast, And Museum At The Degas House

Nestled in the Esplanade Ridge neighborhood of New Orleans, the Degas House offers a unique and memorable experience for couples with its bed and breakfast accommodations and museum dedicated to the artist Edgar Degas.

Couples can book a stay in one of the beautifully restored guest rooms of the historic house and enjoy private tours that include a glimpse into the life of Edgar Degas, led by knowledgeable guides.

The museum features original works by Degas and other artists of the period, showcasing his passion for art and love for New Orleans culture.

Haunted Tours

One of the most popular activities for couples in New Orleans is taking a haunted tour. The city is known for its spooky landmarks and buildings, making it an ideal destination for those interested in the paranormal.

Popular spots for these tours include the French Quarter and LaLaurie Mansion, where visitors can learn about ghosts that reportedly still haunt these locations. For those looking to take their experience one step further, many haunted locations throughout New Orleans can be visited and even stayed overnight at by couples.

New Orleans Cooking Classes

New Orleans is a foodie's paradise, and couples can take advantage of that by attending cooking classes together. The city's culinary history is rich, which makes the experience all the more exciting.

The Southern Food & Beverage Museum offers hands-on cooking classes for visitors who want to learn how to cook local dishes like gumbo, jambalaya, and crawfish étouffée.

For something even more romantic, couples can enjoy private cooking classes in hidden courtyard patios with professional chefs who will guide them through preparing multi-course meals using fresh and locally sourced ingredients.

Cocktail Tasting Tours

Another unique and memorable activity for couples in New Orleans are cocktail tasting tours. These guided tours offer the perfect opportunity to explore the city's vibrant nightlife scene while sampling a variety of cocktails.

Along with cocktail tasting, couples can also enjoy live jazz music and delicious food during these tours. It's no wonder why they're a popular choice among those looking to experience the best of what this city has to offer.

Whether you consider yourself a novice or an experienced cocktail enthusiast, rest assured that these tours cater to all levels.

Jazz Bars

One of the quintessential experiences in New Orleans is visiting its famous jazz bars. These intimate venues offer live music and dancing, making them a perfect activity for couples looking to groove together while immersing themselves in the city's iconic culture.

Preservation Hall is an amazing small venue located in the French Quarter that offers traditional jazz performances by Grammy-winning performers. Another great spot is The Sazerac Bar at the Roosevelt Hotel, where the iconic cocktail was invented; come during the holidays to enjoy beautifully decorated surroundings.

For a unique museum experience, visit The Sazerac House and explore its interactive exhibit on one of New Orleans' most popular cocktails with tasting opportunities included.

Mardi Gras World

Mardi Gras World is a must-visit destination for couples looking to immerse themselves in the festive spirit of New Orleans. Located in the picturesque Lower Garden District, this studio and museum offer an exciting behind-the-scenes look into the creation of Mardi Gras floats and costumes.

Visitors can dress up in flamboyant Mardi Gras costumes for unique photo opportunities, making it one of the most memorable couple activities on our list.

Aside from exploring the colorful world of Mardi Gras, visitors can enjoy a romantic stroll along the nearby Mississippi River or explore local restaurants and shops in this vibrant neighborhood.

Admission costs are reasonable, making it an affordable activity for couples on a budget. And if you have kids with you, no worries! The museum offers interactive exhibits and activities that your little ones will surely love.

Streetcar Rides

Couples looking for a romantic and convenient way to explore New Orleans can hop on one of the city's iconic streetcars. For just $1.25 per person, couples can take a scenic tour of the Garden District or travel down St.

Charles Avenue to see historic mansions and stunning oak trees that line the streets. The streetcar system is also an easy and affordable way to get around downtown and the French Quarter without having to deal with parking or traffic.

Plus, it offers a unique experience that many cities don't have.

Top Romantic Dinner And Drink Spots

Indulge in a romantic dinner for two at some of New Orleans' top restaurants, including Commander's Palace, Brennan's Restaurant, and Antoine's Restaurant. Don't forget to check out the historic Carousel Bar or sip on a Sazerac at the iconic Arnaud's French 75 Bar.

Commander's Palace

Located in the heart of New Orleans' historic Garden District, Commander's Palace is regarded as one of the city's top romantic dinner and drink spots for couples. This upscale restaurant boasts an elegant atmosphere with its iconic turquoise-and-white striped awning, attentive service, and award-winning Creole cuisine.

The restaurant offers a Jazz Brunch on weekends, featuring live music and traditional New Orleans dishes such as turtle soup, seafood gumbo, and bread pudding soufflé. For those looking for private dining options or special occasions, Commander's Palace has several rooms available including a wine room and a courtyard.

Signature cocktails like the Sazerac and French 75 are also on offer along with three-course lunch and five-course dinner menus that feature vegetarian and gluten-free options.

Brennan's Restaurant

Brennan's Restaurant is a must-visit spot for couples looking for a romantic dining experience in the heart of the French Quarter. This classic New Orleans Creole cuisine restaurant offers an elegant atmosphere with a well-curated wine list and delicious dishes like Bananas Foster and Eggs Benedict.

The Pink Sazerac Bar inside Brennan's is known for its unique cocktails and cozy ambiance, making it an ideal place to enjoy drinks after dinner.

As one of New Orleans' oldest fine-dining establishments, Brennan's has hosted several notable guests since 1946, including President George W. Bush. It has become famous for its Jazz Brunch on Sundays boasting live music, extensive menus, and impeccable service.

Antoine's Restaurant

Antoine's Restaurant is a must-visit spot for couples looking for a romantic dinner in New Orleans. With 14 different dining rooms, each with its own unique ambiance and history, Antoine's offers an unforgettable dining experience.

The restaurant has been serving traditional French-Creole cuisine for over 180 years, making it one of the oldest restaurants in the city. Their menu boasts a wide selection of fresh seafood including oysters, shrimp and crawfish along with signature cocktails like Café Brulot and French 75 which are sure to tantalize your taste buds.

The Carousel Bar

The Carousel Bar is a famous and romantic attraction located inside the Hotel Monteleone in the French Quarter of New Orleans. It features a revolving carousel-shaped bar with seating for up to 25 people where couples can share signature cocktails and light fare.

The lively atmosphere of the bar makes it a popular spot for locals and tourists, with live music and a vibrant crowd. Visitors who want to make their experience extra special can stay at the Hotel Monteleone which offers accommodation options for couples, including suites and rooms with balconies, a rooftop pool, fitness center, and spa with couples' massages.

The Sazerac Bar

Located in the historic Roosevelt New Orleans Hotel, The Sazerac Bar is a romantic spot for couples visiting New Orleans. Not only is it beautifully decorated during the holidays, but it also holds significant historical value as the birthplace of the Sazerac cocktail.

In fact, The Sazerac House museum nearby provides interactive exhibits and tastings dedicated to its history. This bar offers live music performances on select days and a menu filled with small plates and entrees inspired by Louisiana cuisine, making it an ideal spot for a romantic dinner or drinks with your loved one.

Arnaud's French 75 Bar

Arnaud's French 75 Bar is a must-visit spot for couples looking for a romantic night out in New Orleans. Located in the heart of the French Quarter, this intimate and sophisticated bar offers classic cocktails and live jazz music.

The menu showcases dishes made with fresh and local ingredients, including seafood and steak. With over 100 years of history and tradition, Arnaud's French 75 Bar has become an iconic destination for locals and tourists alike.

Outdoor Activities For Couples

Couples looking for adventure can enjoy activities like swamp tours, biking tours in the Garden District, and visiting plantations near New Orleans.

Swamp Tours

Exploring the swampy wilderness of Louisiana is a must-do activity for couples visiting New Orleans. Swamp tours offer an opportunity to witness the vibrant wildlife and breathtaking scenery that can only be found in this part of the world.

Take a guided boat tour through cypress trees adorned with Spanish moss, and spot alligators sunbathing on logs or lurking beneath the surface of the water. Private swamp boat tours provide a more intimate way to experience the ecology and history of Louisiana's marshlands.

With rental options available at Bayou St.

Bike Tours

Biking through New Orleans offers couples a unique chance to experience the city's historic homes and vibrant nightlife while taking in picturesque views. The Garden District is a popular area for couples to explore by bike, with tree-lined streets and stunning architecture.

The western bank of Bayou St. John features a 4.7-mile-long Wisner Bike Path that’s perfect for jogging or biking together. Additionally, there are several guided tours available that take guests on scenic routes along Lake Pontchartrain or through famous neighborhoods like Treme or the French Quarter.

Plantation Tours

One of the most popular activities for couples in New Orleans is taking a plantation tour. These tours offer a unique and informative look at Louisiana's rich history and architecture.

Many plantations are located just outside of the city, offering visitors a chance to see some stunning antebellum mansions surrounded by gorgeous gardens and landscapes. Visitors can take guided or self-guided tours through these properties, learning about life on the plantation during that time period, as well as exploring exhibits on slavery and civil rights.

Some notable plantations worth visiting include Oak Alley Plantation, Laura: A Creole Plantation, Whitney Plantation Museum, Nottoway Plantation & Resort, Houmas House Estate & Gardens and Destrehan Plantation among others.

Garden District Walking Tours

The Garden District Walking Tours are a must-do activity for couples visiting New Orleans. This historic and picturesque area boasts tree-lined streets and beautiful mansions, making it the perfect backdrop for a romantic stroll.

The tours offer insight into the district's architecture and history while providing visitors with stunning views of gardens and grand homes.

In addition to leisurely walking tours, visitors can enjoy outdoor activities like biking or using RTA Streetcars to explore the area further. Canoeing, paddleboarding, kayaking along Bayou Saint John is also an option for those looking for more adventure.

City Park offers a picturesque oasis where couples can relax on boat rides or take leisurely strolls through the gardens.

New Orleans Aquarium And Butterfly Garden

The New Orleans Aquarium and Butterfly Garden are a must-visit for couples exploring the city. Located in the historic district, they offer an opportunity to get up close with marine life from around the world, including penguins, sharks, and sea turtles.

The aquarium is known for its impressive tunnel exhibit where visitors can walk through a tank of colorful fish swimming above them. Couples can also explore the butterfly garden which houses various species of butterflies and tropical plants.

Strolling hand-in-hand through this serene setting is sure to create intimate moments that will last a lifetime.

Nightlife And Entertainment

Explore the vibrant nightlife scene of New Orleans by visiting jazz clubs, speakeasies, and burlesque shows in popular areas like Frenchmen Street and the Marigny.

Jazz Clubs

Jazz clubs are an essential part of the vibrant nightlife scene in New Orleans, offering a unique and romantic experience for couples. Bourbon Street is home to several jazz clubs, including Fritzel's European Jazz Club, where visitors can listen to live jazz music while enjoying cocktails and dancing.

Preservation Hall, located in the heart of the French Quarter, hosts traditional jazz performances by award-winning musicians that transport audiences back to 1920s New Orleans.

In addition to these iconic establishments, some hotels and restaurants also offer jazz-themed nights with dinner or cocktails included. The Roosevelt Hotel's Sazerac Bar is particularly famous for being the birthplace of the Sazerac cocktail and featuring live piano music during happy hour.

Burlesque Shows

Burlesque shows are a popular form of entertainment in New Orleans, and they offer visitors a unique and exciting experience. While not explicitly mentioned as part of the top things to do for couples, burlesque shows can be found among the varied nightlife options available in the city.

Jazz clubs like Fritzel's European Jazz Club on Bourbon Street often showcase burlesque performances alongside live music acts, providing an unforgettable evening out.

Blaine Kern's Mardi Gras World also hosts occasional burlesque shows as part of their special events programming. Visitors may even have the opportunity to dress up in Mardi Gras costumes during their visit and take part in these lively cultural celebrations.


Amidst the city's bustling nightlife scene, speakeasies offer a unique and intimate experience for couples looking to unwind over a few drinks. These hidden establishments, reminiscent of Prohibition-era bars, often require a password or secret entrance to gain access.

One popular spot is the French 75 Bar at Arnaud's restaurant in the French Quarter- it's discreet charm and classic cocktails make for an unforgettable evening. For those seeking something more exclusive, The Sazerac Bar within The Roosevelt New Orleans hotel offers a luxurious atmosphere with exceptional service.

Live Music Venues

For music-loving couples, New Orleans is a paradise. The city has a rich musical heritage, and there are plenty of live music venues to choose from. From jazz to blues to rock, you can find it all in this Crescent City.

One of the most iconic music venues is Preservation Hall in the French Quarter.

If you're looking for something more upbeat and energetic, check out some of the city's famous jazz clubs like d.b.a., Snug Harbor Jazz Bistro, or Maison Bourbon Jazz Club.

These clubs offer great vibes with exceptional live music and dancing opportunities throughout the night.

The city also hosts various events and festivals throughout the year celebrating different genres such as the legendary Jazz Fest featuring hundreds of bands from around the world performing on multiple stages over several days along with delicious festival food every spring in New Orleans Fair Grounds Race Course & Slots to keep tourists entertained musically during their stay!

Frenchmen Street

Frenchmen Street is a must-visit destination for couples looking to immerse themselves in the vibrant music scene of New Orleans. Located outside of the French Quarter, this historic street boasts an array of live music venues, bars, and restaurants that offer a unique perspective on the city's culture and nightlife.

One of the most renowned music venues on Frenchmen Street is The Blue Nile, which hosts both local and international artists throughout the year. Many other neighboring establishments also feature live music every night of the week, making it an ideal spot for couples who want to indulge in New Orleans' legendary musical offerings.

National WWII Museum

Museums And Art Galleries For Couples

Couples can explore the city's rich history and culture by visiting museums such as The National WWII Museum, New Orleans Jazz Museum, or Historic New Orleans Collection, while art lovers can enjoy contemporary exhibits at the Contemporary Arts Center and Ogden Museum of Southern Art or visit historic spots like Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop Bar.

National WWII Museum

The National WWII Museum is one of the top-rated museums in the world and an absolute must-visit for history buffs and couples looking to learn about the contribution of soldiers, civilians, and nations during World War II.

This museum offers a range of exhibitions, films, interactive experiences related to the war that will take you back in time. You wouldn't want to miss out on their Victory Theater which features a rotating schedule of movies relating to WWII or their Stage Door Canteen where live music performances from the era are showcased.

Additionally, they have a research center and library available for anyone interested in studying further into this significant time period.

New Orleans Jazz Museum

For couples interested in music and culture, the New Orleans Jazz Museum is a must-visit attraction. Located conveniently in the historic French Quarter's Old U.S. Mint building, visitors can explore the history and evolution of jazz through interactive exhibits and multimedia displays. Couples can learn about jazz legends like Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington.

The museum also hosts special events throughout the year that make it a great date night destination for couples. Visitors can relax in the courtyard while enjoying live music performances or explore other nearby attractions such as the Louisiana State Museum or Ogden Museum of Southern Art.

The Historic New Orleans Collection

The Historic New Orleans Collection is a must-visit museum for tourists in New Orleans. This place features exhibits and collections related to the history and culture of the city, providing visitors with a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in Crescent City's rich heritage.

The collection has an impressive research center that offers resources for scholars and historians interested in the history of New Orleans. In addition, guided tours are available to help visitors explore the exhibits and collections in-depth.

You can also shop for one-of-a-kind gifts related to the city's culture or visit the Art Galleries section featuring works by local and international artists showcasing a range of artistic styles such as contemporary, folk, and decorative arts.

The galleries offer programs related to their exhibits, including workshops and lectures on various topics related to art.

Contemporary Arts Center

The Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans is a must-visit destination for couples interested in the arts and culture. Located in the Warehouse District, this center showcases contemporary visual and performing arts through its theater, gallery space, and multi-disciplinary arts center.

The exhibitions feature international and local artists, making it a unique cultural attraction that offers an immersive experience for visitors. Educational programs and workshops are also available for all ages to engage visitors with challenging topics.

Couples can explore the art exhibitions together or participate in one of their workshops to get hands-on experience creating works of art alongside each other.

Ogden Museum Of Southern Art

The Ogden Museum of Southern Art is a must-visit attraction for art-loving couples in New Orleans. Located in the Warehouse District, it houses an impressive collection that showcases the culture and heritage of the American South.

The museum features works by emerging and established artists, including paintings, sculptures, photography, and more. Visitors can also enjoy exhibitions, events, educational programs, and guided tours offered by the museum.

Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop Bar (Historic Site)

One place that couples shouldn't miss on their visit to New Orleans is Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop Bar, a historic site located on Bourbon Street in the French Quarter. This bar has Gothic architecture and a unique ambiance that transports visitors back to the 1700s.

It was reportedly a meeting place for pirates like Jean Lafitte, and it has been featured in movies and TV shows such as "American Horror Story" and "Treme." Couples can enjoy some drinks and snacks while taking in the rich history of this oldest bar in the United States.

Be sure to try their signature drink, the Vieux Carre, named after the famous French Quarter.


In conclusion, New Orleans is the perfect destination for couples looking for a romantic getaway. With its historic architecture, vibrant music scene, and delicious cuisine, there's never a dull moment in this Crescent City.

From strolling through the French Quarter to taking a Swamp Tour or enjoying a jazz night out at one of its bars and clubs, there are endless things to do in New Orleans for couples.